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About This Website

This website is intended to make the 2009 National Climate Assessment (“Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States”) more accessible to a variety of interested readers. Several features of this site are prototyping greater traceability of source material, better searchability of the assessment as a whole and enhanced access to images and references. For example, in this 2009 report, you will find links to several supporting datasets, including links from clickable images, a more searchable suite of references, a search function for the entire report, and better linking between chapters. Please note however, that this web-based deployment of the 2009 National Climate Assessment is in a trial phase and is intended to help us learn better techniques for future assessments; it is not intended to provide complete, retroactive access to all source material. Lessons learned from this process are being applied in the development of the next synthesis of the National Climate Assessment, due in 2013.