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CMIP3-C: Analysis for the contiguous U.S. was based on methods described in : Hayhoe, K., D. Cayan, C.B. Field, P.C. Frumhoff, E.P. Maurer, N.L. Miller, S.C. Moser, S.H. Schneider, K.N. Cahill, E.E. Cleland, L. Dale, R. Drapek, R.M. Hanemann, L.S. Kalkstein, J. Lenihan, C.K. Lunch, R.P. Neilson, S.C. Sheridan, and J.H. Verville, 2004: Emission pathways, climate change, and impacts on California. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101(34), 12422-12427; and Hayhoe, K., C. Wake, B. Anderson, X.-Z. Liang, E. Maurer, J. Zhu, J. Bradbury, A. DeGaetano, A.M. Stoner, and D. Wuebbles, 2008: Regional climate change projections for the Northeast USA. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 13(5-6), 425-436. This analysis uses 16 models simulations from the WCRP CMIP3. Where models had multiple runs, only the first run available from each model was used. See for more information. The Alaskan projections are based on 14 models that best captured the present climate of Alaska; see Walsh, J.E., W.L. Chapman, V. Romanovsky, J.H. Christensen, and M. Stendel, 2008: Global climate model performance over Alaska and Greenland. Journal of Climate, 21(23), 6156-6174. Caribbean and Pacific islands analyses use 15 model simulations from the WCRP CMIP3 that were available at resolutions finer than 4 degrees (CCSM3.0, CSIRO, UKMO-HadCM3, IPSL, ECHAM5/MPI, CGCM3.1(T47), GFDL2.0, UKMO-HadGEM1, MIROC3.2(medres), MRI-CGCM2.3.2a, CNRM, GFDL2.1, INMCM3, ECHO-G, PCM). See Wehner, M., 2005: Changes in daily precipitation and surface air temperature extremes in the IPCC AR4 models. US CLIVAR Variations, 3(3), 5-9. We acknowledge the modeling groups, the Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (PCMDI) and the WCRP's Working Group on Coupled Modelling (WGCM) for their roles in making available the WCRP CMIP3 multi-model dataset, . Support of this dataset is provided by the Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy. For an overview and documentation of teh CMIP3 modelling activity, see Meehl, G.A., C. Covey, T. Delworth, M. Latif, B. McAvaney, J.F.B. Mitchell, R.J. Stouffer, and K.E. Taylor, 2007: The WCRP CMIP3 multi-model dataset: a new era in climate change research. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 88(9), 1383-1394.

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