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Number of strongest hurricanes, number of landfalling strongest hurricanes, and number of landfalling hurricanes are based on data obtained from NOAA's Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory: with updates. The total number of named storms are adjusted to account for missing tropical storms and hurricanes in the pre-satellite era using the method of Vecchi and Knutson (2008). Basin and landfalling totals are displayed in 5-year increments (pentads) from 1881 through 2010. The final 5-year period was standardized to a comparable 5-year period assuming the level of activity from 2006 to 2008 persists through 2010. Vecchi, G.A. and T.R. Knutson, 2008: On estimates of historical North Atlantic tropical cyclone activity. Journal of Climate, 21(14), 3580-3600.

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