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Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBacklund, P., D. Schimel, A. Janetos, J. Hatfield, M. G. Ryan, S. R. Archer, and D. Lettenmaier
Secondary AuthorsBacklund, P., A. Janetos, D. Schimel, J. Hatfield, K. Boote, P. Fay, L. Hahn, C. Izaurralde, B. A. Kimball, T. Mader, J. Morgan, D. Ort, W. Polley, A. Thomson, D. Wolfe, M. G. Ryan, S. R. Archer, R. Birdsey, C. Dahm, L. Heath, J. Hicke, D. Hollinger, T. Huxman, G. Okin, R. Oren, J. Randerson, W. Schlesinger, D. Lettenmaier, D. Major, L. Poff, S. Running, L. Hansen, D. Inouye, B. P. Kelly, L. Meyerson, B. Peterson, and R. Shaw
Book TitleThe Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Biodiversity in the United States
VolumeSynthesis and Assessment Product 4.3
ChapterChapter 1 Introduction
PublisherU.S. Department of Agriculture
CityWashington, D.C.
Reference number


Short TitleIntroduction
Citation Key253